About us 

The Alte Feuerwache (translation:the old fire station) is a neighborhood center; a meeting point. A place for many people who live, work, study or spend their leisuretime in the area.

The working areas of the AlteFeuerwache are either self-financed or recieve public aid. All the profits obtained are invested in child and youth aid.

The neighborhood center is run by anon-profit support association, the „Alte Feuerwache e.V.“ The formation of this association was initiated by the Bund DeutscherPfadfinderInnen, Landesverband Berlin e.V.(BDP). The members oft he association work on an honorary basis. They engage themselves in the development of the city district, with special emphasis on the advancement of the district children, the youths and their respective families. The directorate, which also works voluntarily, consists oft hree individuals who were voted by the meeting of members.

Current business conducts of „AlteFeuerwache e.V“ are led by two managers in the directorate. Around 50 employees, roughly the same number of freelancers, as well as numerous volunteers, trainees, civil servants and employees that are working as part of their social gap year work together on raising thequality of life in the city district.





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